Mar 7, 2024 - Brief news

Preparing the ground for the Langreo pilot

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Representatives from GINNGER partners within the Asturian consortium, including CTIC, HUNOSA, FAEN, VIPASA, Cruz de los Ángeles, and the Langreo City Council, gathered to discuss crucial aspects of the Langreo pilot.

The day kicked off with a visit to the geothermal installation and upcoming biomass facilities, offering insights into the project’s future developments. Hosted by HUNOSA, attendees also explored the historical archive, enriching their understanding of the region’s industrial heritage.

The region of Asturias is currently involved in a deep energy transition process, that GINNGER will accelerate by supporting the Municipality of Langreo in the regeneration of neighbourhoods. The actions that will be implemented include renovations on social housing, and integrating local district heating, geothermal energy, and biomass valorisation.

During the meeting, progress was reported in generating initial inputs for the characterisation and identification of relevant agents, marking significant strides in project advancement. Moving forward, the focus will be on further identifying and characterising houses and associated residents to be involved in the project.


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