Advancing energy communities and sustainable mobility

GINNGER will concentrate its efforts on the Joven Futura neighbourhood, situated in the city of Murcia in southeastern Spain.

This residential area consists of 25 multi-family buildings, totalling approximately 1,500 apartments but it also includes small restaurants, shops, a supermarket, a kindergarten, and some leisure areas. We aim to select around 120-150 apartments and commercial spaces to initiate the co-creation process.

Our objective is to establish an energy community, implement PV installations, and improve public transport connections. This initiative aims to achieve several goals: reduce energy expenses, increase energy efficiency, and reduce CO2 emissions and pollution linked to energy consumption and transportation.

Pilot profile

Country: Spain
Economy: Commerce and services
: Mainly residential premises
Energy consumption: 3-3.5 MWh/y per apartment
Green spaces: Small gardens and playgrounds
Mobility: mostly private fuel vehicles, only 1 bus line available
Social participation: High level of social participation

Regeneration areas:
Energy, mobility
Green Neighbourhood Facilitator


renovation actions


digital solutions


inhabitants involved

Expected improvements

Energy Efficiency
Improved by 15%

Renewable Energy Sources
Self-consumption increased by 20% through an Energy Community

CO2 emissions
Reduced by 15%

Clean transport
A 10% increase in population usage

User satisfaction
Increased by 30%

The digital solutions we adopt

  • Energy forecasting module
  • Energy management tool
  • Flexibility Marketplace
  • Energy Community tool
  • E-mobility optimal planning tool

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