Promoting e-mobility initiatives to cut emissions

Massagno, the second most populated centre in the Lugano district (Switzerland), focuses its project on the urban district of Via Motta.

This area consists of several multi-family buildings, some commercial buildings, an elderly care home, and  large office buildings. The district also hosts a PV plant with a total installed capacity of 59 kWp on the roof of the elderly care home, while a V2G-ready EV charging column (DC, 10 kWe) together with a car-sharing vehicle (Honda e – 35.5 kWh of electric storage) can be used as  a flexibility and battery storage solution. The pilot site also has two 11 kWe public charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) that are available to residents.

GINNGER’s strategy emphasises the use of electric vehicles in creating sustainable and affordable lifestyles. The integration of electromobility solutions and the expansion of the public EV infrastructure are our strategic goals.



Pilot profile

Country: Switzerland
Economy: Service sector
: Mainly residential premises
Energy consumption: 550 MWh/y
Green spaces: Limited availability of green areas
Mobility: Mostly private fuel vehicles
Social participation: Prior participation in technical projects

Regeneration areas:
Green Neighbourhood Facilitator


renovation actions


digital solutions


inhabitants involved

Expected improvements

Energy Efficiency
Increase the energy community self-consumption and self-sufficiency

Electric mobility
Penetration of public charging stations within the neighborhood by a factor of 3

Urban spaces
Increase in the adoption of charging stations (public/shared).

Citizen and stakeholder engagement
Over 100 people participating

The digital solutions we adopt

  • E-mobility optimal planning tool
  • Smart management system for public EV

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