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With approximately 10,000 inhabitants, Bas-Belleville is one of the last working-class neighbourhoods in Paris. The district includes more than 4,600 housing units, 495 business units, and various public facilities, including schools and a sports centre.

It is an overall vulnerable neighbourhood with a high elderly population, located in an area characterised by few green spaces and various waves of immigration. For this reason, Belleville is one of 21 districts benefiting from a special city council programme aimed at promoting urban and social development to reduce inequality.

Through three renovation actions, the GINNGER project aims to contribute to preventing and mitigating the heat island effect, thereby reducing heat stress, air pollution, and energy consumption.

Pilot profile

Country: France
Economy: Culture and food industry
Composition: Mostly residential buildings
Green spaces: Limited availability of green areas
Mobility: Public transport (metro and bus), private and public bikes, private cars
Social participation: Several local associations operating in the area, with previous participation in European projects

Green Neighbourhood Facilitator


renovation actions


inhabitants involved

Expected improvements

Citizen engagement and resilience
Greater awareness of climate change and adaptation measures in vulnerable neighbourhoods.

New regeneration actions
More retrofitting projects launched in the area.


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