Jul 4, 2024 - Press releases

A new video unveils GINNGER’s vision for sustainable, smart and inclusive neighbourhoods

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An in-depth look at the EU project’s recipe for more sustainable and liveable cities.

The GINNGER project, co-funded by the European Union, has released a video detailing its approach to creating more sustainable and livable cities through high levels of citizen engagement and innovative digital tools.

By employing a unique co-creation methodology, the project involves local communities in regeneration plans, ensuring that cities evolve to meet residents’ needs.

Key to this strategy is the integration of 13 digital solutions designed to enhance building renovation and energy efficiency, promote green mobility, and encourage the sustainable use of resources. These tools and techniques will be tested and validated in six pilot cities: Langreo (Spain), Murcia (Spain), Paris (France), Massagno (Switzerland), Orte (Italy), and Plovdiv (Bulgaria).

The presentation video highlights the project’s key initiatives, such as tackling energy poverty, improving accessibility, upgrading outdated building equipment, and advancing e-mobility to transform neighbourhoods into decarbonized and people-centred areas. Central to these efforts is the goal of increasing citizen involvement to create urban environments that truly reflect the needs and aspirations of their inhabitants.

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