Implementing sustainable solutions to tackle energy poverty

Langreo, in the heart of northern Spain’s Asturias region, has a rich history in mining and metallurgy. In recent years, Asturias has been moving away from coal power, significantly affecting its towns and villages.

Currently, Langreo is leading one of Europe’s most ambitious energy and just transition initiatives. The municipality is dedicated to revitalising social, economic, and environmental aspects across neighbourhoods and parishes.

GINNGER is committed to supporting this transition by actively involving local stakeholders in collaborative efforts toward sustainable development to foster the creation of resilient, energy-efficient communities.

Pilot profile

Country: Spain
Economy: industry, services & ITC
: Mainly residential premises, several private services and buildings for public activity.
Energy consumption: 1,527 MWh/y
Green spaces: Parks, playgrounds and a riverwalk
Mobility: Mostly private vehicles
Social participation: High level of community participation and social cohesion

Regeneration areas:
energy, renovation, resources
Green Neighbourhood Facilitator


renovation actions


digital solutions


inhabitants involved

Expected improvements

Energy Efficiency
Number of improved Energy Performance Contracts (EPC): 100

District Heating and Cooling (DHC) Network
% RES (biomass vs. Geothermal): 40%
Number apartments / buildings: 100
MWh: 5 MWh/y
Reduction GHG emission: 1.2 tCO2/y

Number of buildings/facilities benefiting: 10
Number of users engaged: 20

Energy Poverty
Number of people who considers improved comfort condition at home: 100

Public engagement and co-creation process
Number of actions oriented to improve inclusivity and accessibility rates in the neighbourhoods: 100
Number of actions oriented to reduce energy poverty rates in the neighbourhoods: 100
Number of people participating in co-creation processes: 120.

The digital solutions we adopt

  • Forecasting module
  • Energy management tool
  • EC creation and operation
  • Flexibility marketplace
  • SUMP tool
  • Air quality tool
  • Local resources mapping
  • Urban mining potential
  • Circular value chains
  • Energy management tool

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