Engaging communities for urban transformation in 6 pilot sites

GINNGER will test its co-creation methodology and implement regeneration actions in six diverse cities to demonstrate the feasibility of social innovation and digital solutions. Each process will be assisted by a Green Neighbourhood Facilitator (GNF) who will involve local actors and lead the capacity-building actions.

By giving people the opportunity to participate in the development of more sustainable neighbourhoods, GINNGER will ensure a long-lasting engagement.

The project adopts a place-based process which acknowledges each neighbourhood’s unique history, culture and socio-economic conditions and allows to tailor regeneration actions to the specificities of each community.

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Langreo, Spain

Langreo will launch social housing renovation and integrate local district heating, geothermal energy, and biomass valorisation to tackle energy poverty and improve circularity.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The city of Plovdiv will address kindergartens and support facilities for the elderly to increase energy efficiency while encouraging citizens to step up renovation efforts.

Massagno, Switzerland

The pilot project in Massagno will focus on mobility-related actions to enhance citizens’ well-being and improve smart transportation.

Murcia, Spain

Murcia will focus on the implementation of energy communities and sustainable transport solutions in areas with large commercial activities.

Orte, Italy

In Orte, the pilot project will work to improve circularity in historical building renovations, as well as to improve connections for rural towns’ through sustainable mobility solutions.

Paris, France

Building upon its experience with regeneration actions, Paris will validate new ones focusing on energy efficiency, sustainability, resilience, health, inclusiveness and accessibility.

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