Implementing citizen-centred regeneration actions for built environments

Why do we need GINNGER?

As the climate crisis intensifies, the EU’s goal of achieving climate neutrality is becoming more urgent.

To drive forward the ecological transition, changes must occur on various fronts, starting from the built environment households, businesses, schools, heritage sites, and public spaces. 

Co-funded by the EU, the GINNGER project contributes to this goal by engaging community members in the decision-making process to enhance the resilient, affordable, circular and inclusive regeneration of neighbourhoods.

Through our pilot actions, we will ensure that more and more voices are heard and included in the transition towards a greener future.


GINNGER aims to facilitate the regeneration of neighbourhoods and built environments through co-creation processes involving various stakeholders.

To achieve this, we will:

Offer an understanding of the conditions required for co-creation-based approaches in revitalizing neighbourhoods

Implement tailored regeneration actions to promote the development of sustainable, inclusive and affordable neighbourhoods

Develop a co-creation methodology to implement participatory processes for the regeneration of neighbourhoods

Use a set of digital solutions to facilitate both decision-making and implementation tasks

Test and validate the GINNGER solutions in six pilot cities to evaluate their replicability

Deliver a clear strategy to ensure that the solutions proposed can be replicated


GINNGER will bring societal, technological, and economic benefits by:

Enabling a long-term co-creation methodology and catalogue of regeneration plans. This will enhance the quality and affordability of the built environment, improve living conditions, and address smart growth while preserving the climate, environment, and cultural heritage.

Supporting regeneration planning and integration of actions, including sustainable mobility solutions, comprehensive renovations of buildings, and reduction of environmental footprint.

Developing new business models for the pilots to define how the solutions proposed can add value.


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