Preserving cultural heritage and enhancing green transportation

Located in Italy’s Lazio region, Orte is renowned for its medieval and Renaissance architecture. As a member of the Biodistretto della Via Amerina e delle Forre, the municipality is committed to preserving cultural and environmental heritage.

The GINNGER project focuses on renovating the historic Palazzo dell’Orologio, improving connections between Orte station and the city centre, and improving the energy efficiency of two public buildings (a school and a gym) and two private condos.

With Biodistretto’s support, the municipality is developing a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) to create local renewable energy communities and promote sustainable mobility, aiming to reduce CO2 emissions, lower energy consumption, and increase citizen participation.

Pilot profile

Country: Italy
Population: 9
Economy: Industry, construction and services
Composition: Cultural public buildings and residential historical buildings
Energy consumption: 278.418 kWh/y
Green spaces: Limited availability of green areas
Mobility: Mostly private fuel vehicles
Social participation: High level of community-collaboration within several local associations

Regeneration areas:
Energy, mobility, renovation, resources
Green Neighbourhood Facilitator


renovation actions


digital solutions


inhabitants involved

Expected improvements

Energy efficiency
Reduced CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

Citizen participation
Involvement of 200 people at the municipal level and 2,000 people throughout the Biodistretto community.

Improved mobility to the Orte train station from the city centre.

Historical buildings
Preserved cultural heritage

The digital solutions we adopt

  • Digital twin tool
  • Urban mining potential
  • Energy Community tool
  • SUMP tool

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