Apr 12, 2024 - Brief news

A flight over Plovdiv: drone surveys to improve digital twins

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The Plovdiv pilot is moving forward!

The Bulgarian city welcomed representatives from our Belgian partner, AGIFLY, who collaborated with the Energy Agency of Plovdiv to conduct a drone survey aimed at mapping buildings that will be part of the GINNGER’s actions. This innovative technology reduces field time and survey costs, providing accurate and comprehensive data and mapping previously inaccessible areas.

The drone journeyed over multi-family buildings in the Trakia district within Plovdiv Municipality, as well as a kindergarten, to create digital twins and 3D models of the structures. When combined with recognition models (such as heat loss, texture, material, and building envelope), the drone data will enable a higher Level of Detail (LOD) for the building digital twin, enhancing awareness and providing better renovation guidance.

The demonstration pilot project in Plovdiv will concentrate on a designated urban area with a high demand for energy renovation initiatives, encompassing numerous socially significant buildings, to achieve a 30% reduction in primary energy consumption.







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